Mom, 85, was scheduled to move to independent living facility (I believe she needs AL) but changed her mind at the last minute.

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Probably anxiety about moving caused it. (At 85 yrs old though, there could be some impairment). Since u can't force it, likely when she falls (or has a health emergency), you will then make the decision for her, (with help from discharge planner at hospital). They require an evaluation of her living situation. It often happens this way cuz of elderly staying alone for too long & being afraid to move. You can plan ahead, by visiting facilities near you &asking questions. Best wishes!
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DILKimba Jul 2019
That’s exactly what we did-we visited places so we know what our next steps would be when their hand was forced. Then it was a lot less stressful as we already had done the legwork and crunched the numbers.
She may also be fearful of the effort it takes to pack and move. Reassuring her she will have NO WORK to do might help ease some of her fears too.
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Gerry, it could be the fear of the unknown.

Prior, the idea sounded like a wonderful adventure moving, but as the clock is now ticking, panic sets in. This can happen to anyone with or without having cognitive impairments.
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