When my mom is pulled up to a table she will sometimes run her fingers underneath the edge as if feeling for a secret latch or button or something. She also does this on the arm of her wheelchair. She most always has her eyes closed when doing this. She actually does it quite often. Anyone have any ideas as to why she would do this?

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Maybe she is looking for a sense of security. She did fall a couple of months ago and broke her hip. Went through rehab but has been going downhill pretty fast. Her dementia got way worse since then and she is now on hospice care. Thank you, William, for responding.
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Sounds like she is looking for a sense of security while sitting to make sure she is safe and not going to fall or to make sure she stays still, such as in the wheelchair that it is locked, so that she can perform the activity next she needs or wants to do. I guess it depends on her medical issues, how much she sleeps. Sometimes good habits, repetition is helpful, such as people repeat themselves because they may have forgotten what they said or if the person understood what they said. Another sense of comfort which be a positive thing in a lot of ways, I would think.
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