A few years ago, my mother had an mri(for headaches turned out to be a severe sinus infection) the Dr. that did the MRI told her she had tangles on the back of her brain and she would probably get Alzheimer's. She went to another DR. a few months later that told her to go home and not worry it would't happen for another 20 or 30 years if at all. Later she went to see a nurse practitioner at the new DR. office who was reading something in her chart and said something about her having a brain disease. I was to scared to do much research about it back then, we have all kinda said well the 2nd Dr. said not to worry so we won't. Well here latley I have been thinking of all I have read about taking meds for it early on, and am wondering more about this brain disease that she may have and am sooo curious about it. Does anyone have experience with their loved one having these tangles? or know anything about it?

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You are right to be concerned.
Plaques and tangles are generally thought to be a sign of Alzheimer's disease. PET scans can see how the brain functions and that can help make a diagnosis. Early detection is a good idea, so I'd take her to another doctor for an opinion.
The plaques and tangles are thought to be caused by a built up of a tau protein. For information on studies and details try the Alzheimer's Association at
Take care and good luck,
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