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Most people cannot join the Medicare insurance program until they turn 65 (and increasingly people delay Medicare even when turning 65 because the Social Security full retirement age is now 66 and rising so people do not lose their employer sponsored insurance until they are 66, 67, whatever).

People who have been declared disabled by Social Security are automatically put on Medicare two years after their official disability date (which may not be the same as when they get their first check or when they think they became disabled)

Medicaid is a welfare program to provide medical services to the poor and has no particular age or other criteria other than low income, the definition of which depends on where you live.
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What are the circumstances and age? I'm no expert, but, I know that if a person is under the age of 65 and has a disability, they can apply and possibly be approved for to receive Medicare coverage for their medical costs. And they may also qualify for Medicaid medical, if there income is low enough.

I think that Medicaid Medical is for parents of children, children, seniors and the disabled. My loved one was receiving Medicare as disabled adult under age 65, and she was also on Medicaid Medical. The Medicaid pays what the Medicare doesn't cover.

I think you can also apply for Medicaid medical, even if you are not receiving Medicare, but you have to come under a special category, like a senior or disabled. I'd check with the requirements in your state. They normally have a website.

Of course, you can read about this online. Hopefully, there are others who will respond here as well.
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