Custom Electric Stair Lift

Trying to get up and down stairs is one of the leading causes of falls in the home for elderly senior citizens. Those in wheelchairs or with other debilitating conditions simply cannot walk up and down the stairs unassisted. Whether it's due to aging muscles, bones or nerves, just getting up the stairs can be a very hard task.

Stairlifts deliver safety, performance and ease-of-use. Caregivers and their parents can reclaim their home and independence with the newest stairlifts. Going upstairs and down has never been so effortless.

  • Custom cut to your staircase
  • Seat, footrest, and arms fold in to save space
  • Battery powered
  • Call/send remotes for top and bottom of stair
  • 14.75 feet of rail
  • 300 lb weight capacity

To learn more, visit AmeriGlide Horizon Plus Stair Lift.

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