Easily Assist a Mobility Challenged Loved One

  • Prevent falls safely: put an end to grabbing a loved one painfully by the arm or by the seat of the pants.
  • Six comfortably padded handles: Four vertical handles and two horizontal handles allow caregivers to provide assistance from any side and any angle. Each handle is padded for a comfortable, yet secure grip.
  • Easily adjustable: Transfer belt is adjustable to accommodate waists up to 51”. The durable metal buckle features locking teeth to secure the belt in the desired position and a quick release latch making removing the belt fast and easy.
  • Strong and extra wide: Constructed with strong nylon webbing, the belt stitching is reinforced for exceptional durability. The transfer gait belt back is four inches wide to provide a comfortable experience with greater area of contact to easily disperse pressure.The extra width also enables the belt to handle a higher weight load and not ride up on the patient’s sides.
  • Vive guarantee: 60 day unconditional guarantee so you can purchase with confidence.

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