Portable Folding Grabber Tool

Featuring a rotating jaw and comfort grip trigger, the reacher is perfect for those recovering from injury or surgery, minimizing bending and twisting and great for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel and limited grip strength.

If your elderly mother or father suffers from arthritis, Parkinson's or any other condition that makes it difficult to reach for objects,  this is the answer for retrieving hard-to-reach items without requiring significant grip strength or dexterity.

ROTATING PRECISION CLAW: Measuring 4” wide, the folding reacher claw is lined with a rubberized material for a nonslip grip on any surface, including smooth glass. The claw can be rotated 90 degrees for vertical or horizontal use, safely supporting up to five pounds. The rotating precision claw also easily picks up keys, coins and other small objects from any angle.

Vive Folding Reacher Grabber is small, versatile, and can get into the tightest of spots to retrieve items.

For more information, visit Folding Reacher.

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