I listened to part of a broadcast on CBC radio yesterday about how studies (focusing specifically those at Ryerson University's SMART Lab) are being done that show music can help people hear better. It has been known for some time that musicians have better hearing later in life and studies are showing that joining a choir or learning an instrument can benefit anyone. The explanation is that following the variations in pitch and rhythm "exercise" the brain pathways that help us follow speech in noisy environments. Very interesting!

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I've been thinking about this off and on during the day, and again when I listened to a symphony on the radio on the way home. I realized that I had been trying to isolate the instruments and determine which ones were being played at various times.

I'm going to be more proactive about getting Dad to listen to music. He enjoys it a lot and used to listen a lot more before this last hospitalization and rehab. That situation changed him and really took a lot out of him.

And very helpful. I always knew it could be a mood elevator but hadn't thought about improving hearing. When you think about it, it makes sense, b/c if you listen carefully to a symphony, you can distinguish the different sections of the orchestra. It takes some concentration to do that.

Thanks for sharing this very helpful information.

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