What were the biggest pain points starting on the caregiving journey that you wish you had a place to go for help. Prescription management? Navigating benefits?

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Thank you. I am absolutely drawing from my own insights but wanted/needed to get some others thoughts as well.

Do you think that having one place to go for the tangible things would give you more time to take care of yourself (mentally, physically)? What would be the quick hits that would free up some time?

For me it would be someplace to help me schedule/keep track of appointments so that all family members are aware of what is happening. Not having to update everyone individually & having someplace to record everything.

I see you're a caregiver yourself. You could draw a lot from your own insights.

I think many here would tell you that it's not the tangible things like those you mentioned but rather the intangible ones, the coping skills for erratic, unpredictable and irrational behavior, the loss of time for oneself, the complete exhaustion, the feeling of being overwhelmed, the lack of family support...

I don't know of any "one stop shops" for those issues.

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