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Had to make some calls today to get information on bills sent directly to my father for his hospice care. I spoke with one individual who spoke as if he "knew what he was talking about", and was firm in giving me "advice." I had already told him my father was deceased and I was following up on bills issued directly to him. His response was to tell me that he couldn't do anything unless I provided a copy of a POA or DPOA AND my father called to authorize him to speak with me. I was tempted to say that I don't know how I could get Dad to call since as far as I knew there were no phones in his casket, and no phones lines from the casket to telephone poles. I ended up shaking my head and eating a candy bar.

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Update: finally got the issue resolved, through another call to Medicare, and then to a PC/Hospice organization.

Medication administered during Palliative Care is not covered by Medicare. It would have been if administered under Hospice. I didn't get into the issue though of the specific kinds of medication that would be covered if my father had been in a Hospice vs. PC program.

Given that the meds in question were both curative and for terminal situations, I wonder if the former would have been covered, but it's too late to address that difference.

I find that interesting, and somewhat incongruous, as PC does include care for medical conditions on a curative level. So it seems that antibiotics would at be included. They're not.

Just realized something this morning.

First, Joann, I forgot to answer your question. No, Dad was not getting Medicaid. He and Mom were frugal all their lives so there was no need to apply for Medicaid.

Second, as to the Medicare and BCBSM EOBs, I realized the charge for the meds wouldn't show up b/c the company in question said it "wasn't authorized to bill Medicare", whatever that means, probably that they didn't make the effort, or someone doesn't understand that PC will cover meds, or at least I thought it would. I need to clarify that with Medicare.

But if it was never billed, it wouldn't show up on an EOB.

I have a feeling that some companies are exploiting situations in which coverage is questionable, by billing the patient first, and using intimidation to get payment. when someone dies and thoughts aren't so clear, it might beeasier to intimidate the family. No proof, just a gut feeling.

When I email charities I always sign Moms name.

GA, I guess Dad was not on Medicaid?

When Mom went to Medicaid I kept her UH going until I was sure all prior services had gone thru. I had three therapy bills I had never seen a bill for so I called them. Lady was so nice but couldn't understand why I was worried about it. I am OCD and wanted all old charges cleared up. She said she had never had a call like that before.

DeeAnna, I LOVE your response! I have said something like when I've called particularly annoying charities soliciting my mother, who died in 2002. Yet these idiots are still asking for money.

Usually I don't bother b/c I have better things to do, but if I'm annoyed with someone and want to channel my anger, I call them up and say something similar to what you've said. It's almost laughable how quickly they backtrack and apologize.

Some of these charity lists must be like Dracula; they just keep rising from the dead even after I've told people my mother has passed.

You've given my another idea. Next time I get a charitable solicitation for Mom, I'll write back, pretending I'm Mom, and politely but condescendingly chastise them for disturbing my peaceful rest. I'll add that the postal carrier had a very difficult time figuring out a way to get mail safely down 6 feet into the ground.

Everyone, thanks for the suggestions and consolation. I got involved with another aspect of trust management and kind of forgot about that particular company, but was reminded today when I received one of ther snide letter inferring that the bill was deliberately not paid.

So, no, it hasn't been straightened out yet, but it will be Monday or Tuesday after I stew a bit and hit them back. (I love doing that! It's one time when I can be condescending and snide, and get away with it.)

It also stated that this company has a relationship with the SNF, which is not my understanding. BCBSM told me that under Medigap C, they do pay for some medication, but not 100%. They contract that function to Express Scripts, which manages dealing with the third party vendor. So now that third party vendor is telling me that they're dealing with the SNF, not Express Scripts or BCBSM.

Notwithstanding, the letter ignores that I've contacted them twice, documented everything (including the stupid comment about having a DPOA), and specifically told them to bill for the April meds since that would cover all their costs and I want to get this resolved and not wait 2 - 3 more weeks for the April bill.

Now I'm irritated that they're alleging I'm waffling on the payment. They're going to get a nice, condescending letter and get "put in their place."

BTW, I had to ask BCBSM for duplicate EOBs but don't have the Medicare ones yet. Since Dad passed in April, that normally wouldn't be reflected until the end of the 2d quarter since Medicare is now sending EOBs only quarterly.

More calls to make, more candy bars to eat, and one CVS subsidiary to put in its place, somewhat snidely.

Garden Artist,

Are you feeling better? How are you doing with the insurance mix-up? Hope the candy bars helped.

In regards to your response that you mentioned in your first posting…Not only was I tempted to say it…I DID SAY IT:

“My Dad current address is Section O, Lot #168, Greenwood, Cemetery, _________, Nebraska. He doesn’t have a phone in his casket. And even if he did have a cellphone in his casket, the battery would be dead by now since Dad died in 2007.”

I have used this response with telemarketers or people calling for donations during telethons who ask to speak to “Mr. D.” Some of the callers, say, “Oh, I’m sorry for your lost” before they hang up and other just hang up. Both Mom and I have had some good laughs over my responses…which was good since she used to cry whenever someone called and asked to speak to Dad. :)

((((hugs)))) & [________^^^_] (Candy bar with a bite taken out of it.)

Made me laugh, SendHelp!!

Just ate the candybar from hell. It melted last night (in the wrapper), so it has been in the fridge. As I was trying to catch up (using chromebook) posting, the candybar got on the spacebar, and trackpad. I knew better, but dH has a sinus headache, and I was missing everyone here, eating in bed to be near to him, wondering if he should be active or just rest.
This strange answer is not off-topic is it?

Garden Artist:  
Sincerely hope you let time pass before paying the bill.

GardenArtist, did you get it straightened out?

Another Chocolate bar and a magazine sounds like a plan. Take the day off!

I didn’t realize you already had documentation from all the insurances. I assumed it was too soon for all that.

Maybe Hospice coded something wrong?

I agree with Send, Medicare should reflect in their EOB their coverage. Have you already gotten Medicare EOB?!?