I have 2 elderly female family members living with my family-they eat less each day I take them to the doctor every month-his response is try to keep food around and give them something at least 3-6 times a day. That's all well and fine but that leaves me little time for the rest of the members in our family(self/husband/teen/and 10 yr old) It gets frustrating at times and I guess I'm on this forum now just to vent and get others insight in to this. My siblings dont and wont help and TODAY i'm just OVERWHELMED i guess. Everything in our household evolves around them and normally its tolarable but today its hard i dont want them to get sick and yet i feel this is there way of just giving up, I know that in a home they wont try to get them to eat and today coaxing them to eat makes them Angry-so what should I do leave them to do as they wish just sleep and eat whenever? I feel like such a hard-ass making them eat, I dont want them to resent it but at the same time I dont want them to slowly deteriate, Is that what I'm afraid of I wonder,it makes me sad.

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Thanks for the input,195 Austin I have been doing just that during breakfast. I guess that's why I see that they are wanting less food time. How ever i will do as u advise and not be so persistant rather let them eat as much or as little as they would like at any paticular point and time. Never thought of the Carnation breakfast drink though-good Idea-they hate the tast of ensure. I made early morning oatmeal cinnamon shakes( I include liguid geritol multi-vitamin) It use to work, but now they either throw it out when I'm not over them watching or just dont drink it. You r a great help, I'll stay in touch :)

I found when I was with my Mom last year and she got upset with me when I said it was meal time I would say you can eat whatever you want to and let her take whatever amount she wanted to and left it at that if they like Ensure or Carnation instant breakfast which has the same stuff but is much less expensive pour them a small am't and they might want more just try to keep it casual if you make it a big deal they will just rebel-maybe offer nutriontal cookies between meals and sometimes a little wine and snacks before bed will work-and if you can sneak some multivits in during the day and try not to worry about you can only do so much but telling my Mom she could eat however much she wanted to and letting her put the food on her plate worked the best-remember they are not working up an appitite-maybe two meals a day might work-the main thing is not to let them know that you are worried and good luck and maybe try cooked cereal in the morning or maybe cereal and fruit at supper-you can only do so much-keep in touch.

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