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Brains can not and do not "grow back."
Please remain cognizant of the snake oil salesmen that claims otherwise. There are exercise regimens that keep the mind active. (reading, puzzles etc.) We are down the path far enough in realizing that the Mom we knew is gone. The roles have reversed now..
She is the two year old with tantrums, and we guide her, love her and keep her safe.
Some days drive me to insanity..but thankfully my two sisters rotate with me for my "me time!" I've read articles about human growth hormone and such..but we've realized that this is just what it is..the deterioration of the brain.

I never heard of the Memory Healer Program so I did some quick research on the claims boost by Lynch. I couldn't find one legit medical group that says that this works for anyone who is older that has memory issues. It is possible that it could work for much younger people, because it says one needs to change their lifestyle and diet.

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