My sister and brother have told hospice that they were afraid for my dad's safety due to us having an argument because I had to hide his door key due to sundowners syndrone and alhimers.Hospice has removed him from our home.I am so not guilty and neither my brother or sister have been helping with him.I need advice very badly!!

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I do not understand how hospice has any power to remove your Dad from your home they are not Adult Protective Services- I was reported to APS by a home care nurse because I expected the husband to do some simple things for himself which he had been doing in rehab and a caseworker came into our home and oversteped her authority big time and tried to push me out of the picture and said I had to hire 24/7 care for him then a social worker called and came by but since he knew us from meeting with us other times and knew there was no abuse it did not go anywhere. Also I called our daughter who works for Social Services in another county in our state case workers and social workers have no power- their job is to help the families not to cause problems. I would talk to an elder lawyer- I almost wish they had taken him out of our home because he really is too much for me.

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