I am interested in working with a "think tank" group to generate policy/law to benefit many of the problems/concerns caregivers experience.

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There used to be someone on this site who would know but I haven't seen anything from her lately. Maybe you should check try doing a search on the internet for organizations.

I am referring to a "working group", which would take the pressing issue(s) of concern and with the appropriate assistance, generate a policy/law that's put into effect and generate some benefit to the caregiver. For example, a caregiver on this site, who is caring for her 90 year old mother, is also being paid by her and she has a disgruntled sibling that thinks this is wrong. I totally disagree with the sibling. You see, my recipient(my mother, who expired on 10/11/2008), paid me a meager amount, because she stated that it wasn't right that I care for her, (and am unemployed) and not receive any money, while my two siblings had good paying government jobs, yet I could not even get them to provide respite care. There has to be a legal panacea put in place(to protect the caregiver) that safeguards against those families, who are not working agreeably and enslave one vunerable family member, who is ultimately left with outstanding legalities - personally and re the recipient. Above all the caregiver is left in a downward spiral that encompasses unemployment(age not in her favor), debt, separation/divorce and no healthcare. THIS IS NOT THE AMERICAN DREAM, BUT A NIGHTMARE!!!!

Dora Elizabeth, what kind of a think tank are you thinking about? I've been amazed and disappointed that in all the talk about health care reform, there has been virtually no mention of Alzheimers or their caregivers. It's taking a huge toll on the present generation of caregivers and will certainly be a major pressure in the future.