My mother is 85 yrs, had two minor strokes and has moderate Alzheimer's. I care fore her 24/7 with little to no help from my sisters. She has issues with using the bathroom, bathing, changing, and getting around. She has problems not remembering what she needs to do: wipe, flush, wash, brush her teeth, getting back into bed, etc...

It's becoming more and more difficult to care for her. I've looked into home care and nursing home, but it's very expensive. My problem is that she's on limited income of social security and has very little in the bank.

I have power of attorney to care for her matters.
We took out a large loan (against my parents home) to help pay off a large debt, pay for house insurance (my parents didn't have any), much needed home repairs, property tax and insurance and to take care of my parents. There's money in a Trust, but it's dwindling quickly. I need this money to pay for my parents mortgage (dad still lives there), insurance, property tax, doctor fees, medicine, medical, etc..

How can she apply for aid, if there's a "Trust".
I've been told that MediCal will come after the patient's estate after they pass, but my dad still lives in their house. Also, she doesn't quality for any aid because of the "Trust".

Help, I don't know what to do? How can I get government assistance on this matter.

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Thank you for the advice. I will defiantly need attorney soon. Mom is getting worst and worst. Today I spent the full day at emergency, mom fall in the bathroom causing a minor head injury that needed cat-scan and skin bonding.
Is there estate attorney that works pro-bono or has low rates in Calif. that you can recommend?
Thank you

I would strongly suggest you see an estate attorney to help you through this. They will help your mother when she qualifies for Medicaid. With the trust, and the money spent on the house, there are so many twists that you will likely regret it if you don't use an attorney. Check the attorney out through your state bar association if you don't have references.

Once they get the estate squared away, you'll know if she can get some assistance.

Take care,

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