There's something that just came out called the ProRise that's really useful, you slip it onto the seat and when they want to stand up they press down on the handles to ease themselves up

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It very much comes down to personal preference, yes! – I just had thought it might be nice to throw the name out there, since it’s been such a huge help to us =)

It’s an understandable point to bring up, the fact that it probably isn’t meant for the incredibly weak. The sensitivity though seems to be a really excellent balance, not too hair-trigger or too strength-requiring.

One other thing that’s been nice about it is that it isn’t a matter of having to buy an entire stuffed armchair that tilts forward - with it being just the size of a seat-cushion, it lends itself to being used on multiple chairs around the house, which lets the patient have a little more freedom in deciding where to sit.

In any case, best of luck!

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There have been versions of this around for years, the idea isn't new.
Lift chairs and seats can be controversial and they aren't suitable for everyone, relying on them can further weaken the muscles needed to stand independently and I have hear of more than one person who has been dumped on their face because they couldn't stand independently as the chair/seat rises.

I looked this product up on the internet and I see that it is self-powered [no electricity nor batteries]. This might work for someone who is younger who has the strength to press down on the handles and be able to slowly stand up. Someone who is very thin might not have to weight to make the product move slowly up.

For my elderly Dad I got him a lift-recliner which was electric and he had a control remote that showed a large green lighted up arrow, and a large green lighted down arrow, very simple for him to use. The lift moved very slowly which was perfect. Dad didn't want to feel like he would be catapulted out into the middle of the room :P

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