Any subjects / commentary on this? My elder MIL wont stop playing games on the iPad. Worse then me when I was younger and addicted to Madden.

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My 82 year old mother has an ipad... has had it for about 3 years now. She carries it around everywhere and would be lost without it. I think the only way she would be able to text is with an ipad and texts me throughout the day. She loves to do words with friends and she googles things. OH.. also facetime.

She only uses a few apps on the ipad but I think for her it is well worth the investment. It really is her escape and her window to the world. She does need an escape living with a husband with dementia.

I would think playing games on the computer or whatever tech device would be good to keep the brain active.

I would let Mom-in-law use her iPad as much as she want as long as it isn't interfering with normal activities, such as eating and visiting with others.... like teenagers, one would need to set boundaries.

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