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Mom and I lived together for 9 years before she went into the nursing home in May 2017 until her death in September 2018.  Everything in the house is still like it was when Mom was alive except for the TV being in the living room.  I still have not gone through Mom's clothes nor any of her belongings yet.  I have been too busy probating Mom's Will and coping with the anger of something that the Social Service Assistant did while Mom was in the nursing home.  

I just started grieving Mom's death.  It will most likely be another year before I go through all of Mom's belongings.  Everywhere I look I see Mom--fixing meals in the kitchen, watching TV in her bedroom, or sitting on the patio in the evening watching the squirrels and birds.  Her Spirit is still alive in this house.  Eventually I will move beyond my grief and then, I will be able to deal with Mom's belongings.

Sandy, your profile says that your husband was at home, if that is accurate then just take your time clearing out his things - my mom was in the NH for a year and a half and died over 6 months ago and I still have many of her things in her bedroom here at my home.

I am too sorry for ur loss.

If this was recent, I wouldn't be in a rush. Take your time. Maybe get rid of clothing. Personal items can be sorted thru. What u want, what family may want or friends. If undecided, put it aside for later.

I would, for now, keep all his important papers. As a widow you may have to have his info to be able to get a service for yourself. Work IDs, any work related stuff like his pension and paperwork signed when he retired. Military paperwork. SS paperwork.

Sandy, so sorry for your loss. Cleaning out a room is a very difficult process. I just went through it in April. Do you have someone who can help you? What I found is that somethings I was able to let go of immediately, and they went into bags for the rescue mission without even bringing them home which I felt would just prolong the agony. My husband took them to the drop off for me. Some things I brought home (even some meaningful clothes that were her favorites) to sort through when I felt more up for it. They are still in a few boxes because I’m still not up for it. But that’s ok. Everything in those boxes is “special” to me. I’ll look at them again when I feel I want to, not before. Please take it slowly.

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