I feel compelled to share information on how aspirin has brought my father in law back from the brink of death. I know I sound excessive and radical, but please read on because if this can help even one other person, it is worth the effort.

I’ll begin with the ‘miracle’ then continue with a more detailed history.

Spiros is 94 years old and has had progressively worsening senile dementia for the past 7 years. Five months ago, he began falling and could not walk unassisted. Two months ago, he began to stop swallowing his saliva. One month ago, he stopped feeding himself and slowly stopped to communicate with us. Gradually, he stopped moving, was extremely rigid and it was difficult even to get him into a sitting position. We gave him ibuprofen or paracetamol almost every day, assuming he must have aches and pains, but to no avail. After three days of seeing him slumped in a wheel chair and not having spoken in as many days, I gave him a low dose (81 mg) aspirin in the morning as well as the next day. On the second day, he began to speak and swallow. On the third day, he stood up and now, one month later, with one aspirin a day, he is fully mobile, eats, drinks, communicates, plays card games, often goes to the bathroom on his own and even shaves himself. In our opinion, as his family and only caregivers, he is functioning at the level he was at well over six months ago.

While it seems probable that he had a stroke a month ago, when he stopped moving voluntarily and speaking, that still can not account for the amount of functionality he has regained. I am not speaking of a total recovery of course; he still has obsessive-compulsive behavior, doesn’t usually know family members and desperately wants to leave - to go home – where ever he thinks that is. Although he still needs to be closely guarded, the mobility and communication he has regained has made both his and our lives so much better.

In closing, for the past 4 years he has taken Aricept (Donepezil Hydrochloride) in the morning and Ebixa (Memantine Hydrochloride) in the afternoon. I must admit that we never saw any improvement from these drugs but continue to give them in the event that they are slowing the degeneration. A last, perhaps pertinent, detail is that he hadn’t taken aspirin for more than 50 years because he and his late wife feared that it would cause gastric bleeding.

I hope that this can be of some aid to others and would very much appreciate hearing any other positive results.


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Aspirin has anti-clotting factors that help blood circulate to the brain. This is why it's used once a day in many people to help prevent a heart attack or a stroke. As an anticoagulant it thins the blood and allows it to flow easier. I think this is what you've seen in your FIL. An aspirin a day can definitely keep the Dr. away (at least for a while).

Wow! Good for you! Any cardiologist would recommend one baby aspirin a day. If you have found a protocol that works for him, definitely share that with the MD. Remember all patients are different, what works for him may not work for you, but congratulations!

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