I need advice for diabetic neuropathy PAIN in heels.

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I've been trying so hard trying to find ANY relief for my friend's Mom who is 90 and also has dementia. Only 2 weeks ago was she Unable to walk or put Any Pressure on her feet. Severe "Heel" Pain on Both feet! Her Mom cannot take Any "Pills," and so I'm trying to do some research on Creams that WORK!! Since my Mom passed away, I found that I'm much more sensitive to other Caregivers and their Mom or Dad's. I don't want her Mom to become Bed-ridden over this as I feel she will never get out of it again. Many times I feel that Caregivers Know More than Dr's sometimes., i.e. from their own trial and errors. I also tried
finding out about "Compound Medicines" where pills are made into Creams, but I'm still waiting to hear about Side-effects of that too. And now I come here to this fabulous site full of 'friends..' Do Any of You, or have Any of You ever needed a "Cream Or Salve" that worked for your loved one... that Really WORKED, specifically for "Heel" Pain?? Thanks alot, and although my Parents are no longer with me, I feel in my heart I will Always be a Caregiver. My Heart goes out to each of You and I will Always feel that 'connection' to other Caregivers always. Thank you for Any advice for my friend's Mom that possibly I can pass on to her. She is in a bad way right now because Nothing has worked.. God Bless you and thanks for any advice!


My sister has severe neuropathy due to diabetes. She takes an antidepressant that helps to block the pain. I know you said no pills, but can she an antidepressant in liquid form if available. Also there are stockings and socks available. My sister has used the stockings with good success however, they can be hot during the warmer weather. My sister's pain is not limited to her heels, it is random in her back, legs and feet. Her dr. approved the use of the stockings because many feel the tight fit cuts of circulation, but her dr. said the stockings will not affect the main arteries in her legs because they very deep in the leg. Has she tried some stretching exercises for her feet? That's all I know, hope it helps!!
Has it been diagnosed as diabetic neuropathy? There are other heel issues that are quite painful e.g. plantar fasciitis - which I have had and is treatable with anti inflammatories and stretching exercises. Also the fat pad on the heel can atrophy (shrink), In that case a gel shoe insert can help.
I suggest you try a new natural topical called Tendonex. It contains a high concentration of alpha lipoic acid in a high bioavailability formulation. This sounds like plantar fasciitis. Tendonex works very well for PF as well.
xbella~I assumed she had a diagnosis of neuropathy but if she has not, I agree with the other posters regarding Plantar Fascitis. You can find stretching exercises to stretch out the fascias ligament that runs from the heel up the center of the bottom of the foot to the toes. I also keep a small bottle of water frozen and roll it under my foot after I do the stretches. It has to be done daily. I also use Voltaren Gel which is an anti-inflammatory by prescription. If she does the stretches 2x's a day for a few months it should clear it up. Another possibility is a bone spur which she would need an x-ray to determine that and sometimes surgery is needed.
I want to take this time to "Thank You" all for your time, your comments, and for your much needed Help! Update: I forwarded your comments to my friend out in Pa and she was SO Very "Grateful," and has already Started looking into "Each Of" Your Suggestions!!! She's already been through too much in her life and I was just trying to see if I could take only a little piece Off of her Very
Full plate. She THANKS YOU and I thank You too!! God Bless You, and... STAY WELL Yourselves..

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