I have learned a lot from this seven year journey with Bob and "Al."

I have learned to take it one day at a time--one moment at a time on some days.

I have learned that I don’t have to always be right (although as a wife and woman, I know that I am☺).

I have learned that the material possessions I have lost in what I like to call "the Alzheimer's bankruptcy" and "the Alzheimer's foreclosure" of our family home, are all just things that clutter our lives and our minds. I have learned to live with much less.

I have learned patience in way I thought I never would, and to love in a way I thought I never could.

I have learned to look at others in a different way, by looking beyond what you see on the outside; looking for their shadows...whatever they may be.

Bob and "Al" have challenged my life in way that I did not think I would survive. Some days I still think I may not get through it.

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I know there will come a time when l cannot do this any longer, and it may be sooner than I would like. But for now, I will continue to live one moment at a time, right along with "them."

No matter how many times I have to tell "Al" to turn right when he exits the bathroom.☺