My mom's health is declining and hospice is coming in soon. What should I expect will happen next?

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My Mom is 84, has COPD,Alzheimers,is a Diabetic, on oxygen. Sugar level is 52.sleeps more eats less.. She has declined since Jan. Its very heartbreaking. I don't now how to explain to my family. They seem in deniel. Hospice nurse coming on Tues. I live in fla. What will happen next. She is fed with a dropper.My sister bathes her every day. Please help. I'm falling apart. Here in Florida. Rosemarie

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My Mom seem very rigid. I guess its called atrophy.. Will her sugar level continue to go down, as she approaches death. She is on Metforman. Was on Glipazide before. Will any of her Diabetes Medicine help? And all of the other medications?
I don't know about the blood sugar with a diabetic, you should ask her dr's. What do the dr's. say regarding her condition? What stage of Alzheimer's is she? Did her condition change when the medicine for diabetes changed? I don't know what your beliefs are, but it may be that she is ready to die because she body can't take anymore. I don't want to sound harsh by saying this, but it all depends on what your mother would want: 1) a feeding tube to prolong her life or 2) let her go medicating her so she is comfortable. I am so sorry you are going through this as it is heart breaking. I went through a similar situation with my father in 2003. He had Alzheimer's too. He developed pneumonia on Oct. and again in Dec. however, in Dec. he wasn't responding to antibiotics and he could not longer swallow. He had orders not to prolong his life so we let him go. They gave him Morphine to make him comfortable. The Alzheimer's was so far progressed, he was not aware of anything because all he did was sleep. It was a very difficult time as it was Christmas season as well. He passed on Dec. 27. I don't have any information regarding your mother's diabetes medication so I would ask her dr's. God Bless you and your family as you face this difficult time and I hope a change in medication will help♥!!
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Hugs to you, Rosemarie, and gentle pats on the back. This is a very sad time for you and your sister.

Ask the hospice person about the drugs, and about what to expect next. They have some very helpful literature. Nothing is going to cure her conditions. Which medications will make the remaining time most comfortable? Does the doctor who prescribed the Metformin know what her blood sugar readings are? And that she is eating very little? What was appropriate for a woman eating normally may not be good for a woman being fed with a dropper.

Who is "the rest of the family" that you feel you need to explain this to? I think the hospice person can give you some guidance there, too.
What do I tell my mom when she asks what is happening? She stopped dialysis after fracturing her hip due to pain. She has the beginning of dementia & I wonder if she really knows this is the end. I can see the confusion on her face. They have her on pain meds & I just tell her she can't come home until her hip is better because she keeps asking. I know she realizes that she is very sick.

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