How often do you get evaluations on dementia for your loved one?

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Most of mom's care has been handled by her primary doctor. She's been evaluated by a geriatric nurse and neurologist, but not in the last two years. She's not taking any medication for the dementia but she does take anxiety and depression meds managed by the primary doctor. Do you regularly take your loved one back to the neurologist to evaluate how the disease is progressing? She hates going to see him because she feels like he's testing her and she'll look stupid. He's really very nice and has a great staff,

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We take my mother every 6 months to get evaluated for her dementia
Does your mom take meds for her dementia? Does the doctor just tell you how far she's advanced and give you practical advice on what to do next?
My Dad sees his neurologist every 4 months, but has not had any tests done in about two years. Normally my Mom attends the appointment with the doctor, but I've told her that I will go into the appointment with them next time. Hopefully between her and I we can ask some specific questions (I'm not sure Mom remembers to ask or perhaps doesn't get her point across to the doctor, or if perhaps he just doesn't listen closely enough). I don't know how often an AD patient is supposed to get an MRI or take part in testing, but I would think it should be more frequent than my Dad has been getting. Normally the doctor just asks a few questions and checks the meds. Sometimes caregivers just need to put their foot down to get answers and results!

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