How to exit Medicaid now that VA has stepped up?

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Two years to the MONTH, VA notifies us of compensation approval. There will be backpay; some of which I would like see go into hiring care til enrollment into a VA LTC program can be finalized.

While these long-awaited-not-yet-delivered funds were winding their way through red tape, we were forced into applying for Medicaid to cover nursing home custodial care.
The company for which I work has Medicare and Medicaid as customers. We help them analyze their data to identify areas for improvement of care, fraud, waste, and abuse. So from that perspective, now that VA has stepped up - or is about to - I'm anxious to get the ball rolling for relieving the system of one patient.

Re-certification is in September; if the VA funds kick in before then, what happens?

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Many you need to consult an Eldercare Lawyer. If Medcaid has been payng to cover costs they might attached some of the Va comp.

A VA social worker may be able to help you. You might try some of the veterans organizations such as Transitions, and Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Wow! sounds like you might be getting a good chunk from the VA? My mom got approved but she only gets 90 a month; it will goe to her share of cost and the NH. Wish she could keep it.
I agree, this is tricky. If you get compensated back-pay they may take it and you sont receive it because technically you were getting paid more money when on medicaid, it just hadnt come in yet. I have the VA automatically direct deposit it monthly. I dont kow which is better, medicaid or the VA. I have the VA and do use it for Moms care some mornings when I need to get out, but my friend who has medicaid has a 40 hour a week CNA in her home while she works.Call a lawyer, dont get caught owing a lot. Good Luck.
PS I wouldnt use the VA people, they are on the VA side completely and they screwed me bigtime when I applied, and didnt get it, almost got in trouble, and I had to hire someone to straighten it all out.
I have several friends who were veterans of the Vietnam war and they found that the medical care offered by the VA is lousy. My own dad- a vet of WW2- found the same years ago and my father in law who is a Korean War vet refuses to even fool with them. Medicaid allows you to use any doctor that takes it. VA only allows you to use their clinics and providers and hospitals. Expect hours of waiting (one friend had to sleep over somewhere without even getting seen till the next day). If you accept the back pay, Medicaid will come for it.
Misunderstanding maybe?I think Raven is talking about the A&A program which is extra money for home health care such as her daughter or caretakers, or daycare.. That is what we have anyway, it doesnt affect her health care at all, we still use the same health care and doctors, she just gets a check monthly because my Mom cannot do anything on her own and needs fulltime care.What it is really is that moms care costs outweighs her income.
This is easier than you think (I work for DHS). Bring the award letter you received from the VA to the Technician who has been handling the Medicaid. They will update the case to show when the VA funds will begin. Since you already know that your redetermination is in September, the paperwork should show the contact info for the technician who processes your case. He/she can answer any other questions you may have.

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