What steps to take to receive medicaide payments in Alabama for my 100% disabled 39 yr old sister. Our mother passed 5 June 2012 and I had to quit my job to become her fukk time caretaker because she cannot talk, walk or do anything for herself.

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Morrison - so sorry for your loss. There must seem to be just so many things to deal with all at once for you.

Medicaid is usually paid for when a person needs skilled nursing care in a facility, like a nursing home, and not usually for payment to family caregivers. Social Security provides for income for the disabled and retirees. Social Security and Medicaid are 2 different programs but dovetail for certain benefits.

Now your sister may qualify for monthly income from Social Security Diasability Insurance - SSDI - or maybe qualify for Supplemental Security Income - SSI and then get Medicaid to pay for her health care &/or pay for her health insurance.

What was your late mother's legal situation for your sister?
Was she her legal guardian and was there anyone else named as guardian?
Could it have been the case, that your mom was using her own personal Social Security monthly income or other retirement income to pay for everything needed for both herself and your sister?
Is you sister legally disabled with paperwork on that from Social Security?
Is your sister getting SSDI? or SSI?
If so, was mom getting SSDI /SSI payments on behalf of your sister and where are those payments going now - in other words, if SSDI/SSI was going into a bank account with mom's name on the account, the account may be frozen as mom has died. If the account was joint, then try to move the funds from it and open up a new joint account in your sister & your name but on sis's SS #. You will have to do the initial deposit from your funds, but then can go on-line to do a direct deposit of her SSDI/SSI into this account for you to administer.

Perchance, was there a Special Needs Trust done for sister? - sometimes these are done if the disability was due to an accident or something else that did a payout to sister to compensate. Insurance companies will often only pay the $ into a trust as a way to hopefully safeguard the $ for future care.
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Does your sister receive disability payments? Has she been getting any in-home services or was your mother providing all of her care?

If Sister is now on some services she probably has a case worker assigned. The place to start would be to contact that person.

If Sister is on Disability, she is automatically qualified for Medicaid, and the process of getting that activated should be simple. If she has never gone through the process of being declared disabled, then that is where to start.

If you are not aware of her having a case worker, start by calling Social Services in your county. Briefly explain the situation and ask for an intake evaluation. The social worker can explain the options, including what in-home help is available and what care center placements might be appropriate.

Good luck to you!
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