susanhaynes Asked April 2012

Is there any equipment or "aids" to help get an elderly person up from a fall?


no injury, just not agile enough to get themselves up and too heavy for me to lift.



EXPERT Carol Bradley Bursack Apr 2012
This is a huge problem. I've always thought there should be someone local we can call for help when our elders fall. Sometimes, with the aid of a chair and a walker or other sturdy objects, people can help themselves, but when my mother fell, she was completely totally. I had to call 9-1-1. That gets old believe me. I hope someone has come up with some miracle aside from strong human arms (and backs), but I don't know of any one answer. Maybe someone else on the site will be able to give you more help. Believe me, I know what you are dealing with.
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lilymama Apr 2012
My 101-year-old dad fell a few times over the years, and amazingly never broke a bone or injured himself seriously. (We called him the Iron Man.) While he was still on the floor, before moving him, I would ask him to move his arms, legs, etc., just to see if he had broken anything before I tried to get him up. If he had pain, or couldn't move, I would have called the police right away. I suggest that if you can't help the person get up, call the cops and tell them it's not an emergency but that you need help. Our small-town police were very kind and said that we should call them day or night and they would help us. If there are no broken bones you don't need 9-1-1; and the 9-1-1 paramedics might want you to come to the hospital just to check everything out, which will turn the whole thing into an ordeal. And don't try to pull anyone up if they seem too heavy (which they probably are). You'll hurt your back and then you'll both be in trouble. All the best to you.
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Patina Apr 2012
We recently got a hoyer lift for my dad. It has been a life saver for lifting him from bed and moving him around. Last year my mom fell 2x and we had to call fire dept once and 2nd time my brother's friend and my husband were able to lift her off the floor. I do believe this lift would be helpful...even though I am very grateful that we have not put it to the test. It has a sling that can be adjusted and it is just a matter of putting under person and then lifting. It says it lifts up to 300 lbs. Hope this helps you.
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There is an inflatable device that can get them up off the floor that I've heard of. It's not a product we carry, but you can find it on the Internet by doing a search. It's called "The Mangar Camel Inflatable Lifting Chair". Below is a description:

"The Mangar Camel Inflatable Lifting Chair is a floor recovery system designed to lift the person up from the floor and move them in to a seated position. The chair can be used independently or with the aid of a carer."

I hope this helps!
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Barbara44 Apr 2012
Check out UTube. There are some videos that show you how to help people who fall and moving them.
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alnmal Apr 2013
You may consider taking a look at the ResQUp device. The fallen individual needs to raise themselves up at ~4 inch increments.
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capnhardass Jun 2013
i saw a device the other day on the web that is essentially a set of three vinyl steps. they slide into each other. the elder climbs back onto one step, then another then the third. then the first 2 slide underneath to fascilitate standing up. without buying devices i can bring my sturdy footstool in behind the elder and with a hand under the left armpit and a right hand under the thigh i can pick the elder up and sit them on the stool. im kinda strong tho.. from the footstool its a helping hand to reach a standing position..
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malena Jun 2013
Hi Robyn,
I don't know how any other person is getting someone who has fallen up from the floor, but I have the ResQUp mobility device that my Mom has used to help her get up into a seated postion. I can bring it to her whenever she has fallen( you should only use it when a person has not injured themselves). Since the first level is only 4.5," this does not hurt her shoulder when she raises herself up onto the first level.
This device not only helps with her own ability to get back up on her own, but with little or no assistance at all! In the end, no call to 911 and I do not hurt my back.
It is called the ResQUp. I hope that helps Robyn.
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raisin2012 Jun 2013
You might want to rent or purchase a Hoyer Lift. I have one because I deal with mom falling and I have chronic back problems. Lifting her off the floor has almost crippled me.
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billburns Jan 30, 2018
I am a man in a wheelchair. This is very recent for me. I need help on how to get my pants up after the restroom. I can only stand a couple of seconds and if my wife is not at hand I cannot get my pants back up. Please help me.
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