What type of swallowing issues do you see with the elderly people that you care for?

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I'm very interested in learning about what kinds of swallowing problems people are seeing in elderly persons they care for. I'd also like to know how successful they have been in getting evaluation and treatment. Thanks! Joel

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My mom is having problems with her top dentures coming loose, which she never had relined. Dog long ago chewed up the lowers.

So she sometimes chokes. Not being able to swallow is one of those things, I'm told, a signpost to the end. Friend's mother had problem, aspirated her food, which led to lung complications and hospice. I had a palliative care team meeting when Mom was last in the hospital. Some relatives insist on feeding tubes. I wondered about IV drips...

Right now, I watch the texture of the food, the size spoon, etc. Yogurt and pureed fruit is the favorite food of the moment. But I would love to know if anyone has success in overcoming this. Good question.
my dad s upper denture were too big since he lost weigh and now he has a new one . it stays up there real good and he seems to be eating his food ok . and all the food is not all build up inside of his dentures either .
she may need a new one . it might help her stop chokin on her food .cuz theyre trin to hold that denture in and plus tryin to chew makes it diffcults ,

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