My aunt is 88 years of age and her weight has dropped to just under 90 pounds. She is constantly in pain, she says from arthritis and has been to her doctor. She is so fragile I expect a call to hear that she has passed. Does anyone know of a good nutrition supplement I could get for her. She eats very little but does eat a normal diet unless the pain is too severe then she does not eat. She could live a more productive life. I live an hour away and go when I can and take food to her but I also care for my 93 year old father who is limited. She has a son, but he is busy working and carries a heavy agenda.

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I would suggest Ensure and also looking into meals-on-wheels to deliver food to her. She may not eat it all, but having it available she may get a few extra calories.

I would also suggest all manner of sweets, cookies, cakes, ice cream, syrups and high-calorie junk food like potato chips, and soups and chowder. At her age -- getting fat is the least of her worries. And she might enjoy eating more.

From my own experience, my father dropped from a very steady 140 lbs down to 120 pounds and going lower after years of progressively trying to go "more healthy" and cutting out fat from the skin of chicken, red meats, junk food, etc., etc., due to his wife's mandate, I finally put my foot down.

He ate like a starved person when I took him to have some fried chicken, McDonalds, etc. For a year after, at my house, he ate fat, meat, potatos, and yes vegetables, fruit, rice, bread, etc. He's now at a steady 150 and fitter than two years ago. Plus I figure he has a bit of "padding" now for possible future falls, a bout with a cold, etc. This is a bit of off-thread commentary, but it's really crazy when we try to get old people into 20's something health diets.
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