Can Social Security pull a check out of someone's checking account?

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My mom passed away on July 2nd. Her SS check was automatically deposited on the 3rd. Evidently the funeral home notified SS that she passed away, which is customary for them to do. By the 8th SS tried to pull the check back out but since I had sent some of her bills off there wasn't enough money left in her account which left her account overdrawn. Also, since there wasn't enough in the account for SS to collect they froze her account!!! After spending hours at the bank, talking to different people at SS (in person and over the phone) I was directed to the US Treasury Dept. (who issues the checks). Now, SS told me that the check was definitly my mother's since she passed away in July,reguardless of how early in the month, as it's for the month of June. The rather unpleasant person at the Treasury Dept. said this is not true!!!! Can someone clear this up?

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I am not sure but I was told that if someone passed away the check had to be returned since person didn't live all month.
Like I said......someone told me this and it wasn't the ss people.
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It seems pretty simple:

"Social Security benefits are paid on a monthly basis. The check (or direct deposit) for each month’s benefit is issued in the following month. For example, the check that an individual receives in February is for the benefit payable for January. This is referred to as a retrospective payment system. If a recipient dies late in the month, family members or the executor of the estate may not notify the Social Security Administration (SSA) in time to stop the payment. Subsequently, they are informed that the check must be returned to the government. Members of Congress are asked often to support legislation that would provide a full or partial benefit payment for the month of death."

So it looks like you have been cheated. Good luck getting it cleared up.

My grandmother passed away on November 29, and that ended up being about a 3 thousand dollar difference. What's bizarre is that hospice was essentially "putting her to sleep" which means it could have been easily deferred. Not that I would have chosen to do that, but sitting at my 6 day vigil at the hospice wing, I couldn't help but think about all the bill-paying hardships that many of the survivors must face in end-of-the-month cases. And how tough would it be anyway to help them by having the final checks be pro-rated?
Yes, they can take the money back out. If a person on SS dies during the month, the money is taken back by the SSA, no matter what day of the month the person died. They are then given a death benefit of a small amount of money. When my father died, SS did not take back his money for the month. It is probably because he had a surviving spouse who qualified for his check. I do not know why they did not take back either his or her check. We expected them to, so it was confusing. So I guess the best answer is: yes, they can take it back, but sometimes they don't.
JessieBelle, I have to agree with Ishmael..... SS told me that a person can live one minute into a new month and they would still be entitled to their benefits.
SS told me that the check must be payed back even if the person dies on the last day of the month. That seems unfair to me. I think the check should be pro-rated.
Yes. The month the person dies, they can fail to send check, or directly deposit it and if it has been deposited it can be revoked at SS's will. Sorry :( I know those funds certainly can help a great deal with funeral/end of life care med. expenses.
My husband died on November 29. His SS was deposited on Dec 7. Should I do anything about that, or just assume that SS will take it back?
My Mom passed away on 8/1/15. Her SS check was deposited 8/3/15, BUT as we all know, that check was for the month of July. She was alive the entire month of July but SS took back the money anyhow. How do we go about getting this money back?
my understanding is that SS is for the previous month and the entitled person must be living on the day the check is paid/deposited otherwise, it is returned.
The check your mom received in the month she died is always pulled back. You owe the money.

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