Financial POA over his mother will NOT comply with her requests. What can she do to force the POA to comply?

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Sonr is mother's Financial POA. Mother has short term issues but competent to make decisions. Mother has asked he return deeds to multi properties and provide her passcode to an account he sat up in both their names. Bank will not tell mother any information on the joint account if she doesn't have the passcode. He refuses.
What can she do to force the POA to comply? Alternatives?

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Can't she revoke the POA? That would be the simplest thing.
She could. However that doesn't get the deeds returned. Unless the son removes himself from the bank account that is passcode protected we are not sure how to obtain access. That bank advises the mother cannot secure a balance, type of account info, withdraw funds, or close the account. Ideas?
Did the son add himself to your mom's existing bank accounts as POA? If so, she has every right to her own accounts.
The son advises he went to her bank and established a NEW joint account and placed the passcode on it. He did not take his mother with him when he did so. He advises he did with on advise of an attorney.
He will not tell her, mother, how much is in the account, let her see bank stmts, provide her a passcode so she can secure and possibly funds herself.
If it's a joint account, who is the other signer? I have POA. My understanding is that as long as the person for whom the POA was established is competent, that person (mom) has every right to her accounts. Before the bank will allow a POA , the legal document must be approved by the bank's attorneys. The mom needs an attorney to defend her rights.
My mother had a account at a citizens bank. The health poa's son embezzled money from the checking acct. After blaming someone else.,he supposedly repayed the acct. Shortly after he emptied her acct. Nobody knows where or what he did with her money from pension. The bank would not say anything. How can we find out if he is her finance POA?

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