Is there anyone else out there that has a caregivers contract with their parent?

This qualified for spending money down also.

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There are likely many on this forum who do this. You need to be aware of Medicaid look back times, so I'd see an elder law attorney to make the contract legal and see to it that everything is done right, so this doesn't interfere with Medicaid if that becomes necessary.

Thank you Carol, I did mine with a lawyer but was wondering if anyone else on this has one because I never see it. I signed ours, as the POA and the lawyer said its fine, just double checking I suppose. I had 3 other lawyers opinions and they all agreed its fine. Lots here seem to work free and cannot spend down their money legally without one, correct? Love all opinions and ideas and suggestions you or anyone might have. Thanks a lot.
In reading your response again, I wonder what you mean by being done right for medicaid? thanks

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