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Hello again, I am in so much mental anguish, you would not believe. I will try to make this short.
My mother has been in a NH almost 5 months now. I totally wish I had chose a different one. From the start I have had nothing but problems.. the biggest was the nh had not switched her medicaid over to "nursing home" medicaid...and was billing me . So I was taking the little ssi income I had and tried to pay the monthly extra $634. That led me to visit the SSI office , explain to them my dilemma...hoping honesty meant something , hoping they would increase my mothers small check of 611 a month inorder to pay her NH bills. Instead, a very cruel cold person took the check totally away..out of my hands and started sending it to the nh. As though I was a criminal. After numerous visits over the months to the ssi office, another worker "cleared" up the problems. Still sending the check to the NH...making the NH bill medicaid, and pay me back 1/2 of 1,000 i paid out of my pocket. So at this moment, The medicaidis still waiting to go into effect. I was reimbursed 689 of 1,000 dollars...and was told thats all I will get back. I recently found out that my mothers SSI check was changed..cancelled. She will no longer be a SSI recipent..she is on SDI now(?) and her check amount is now $83.00. The NH WILL GET $53.00 OF THAT.
I am so torn...why? how can they do this? IS THIS A NORMAL PROCEDURE? For social security to throw a person away like this?
My mother is even more disabled than she was before! How can she only recieve $83.00!
This NH and the SS has truly made a bad situation horreffic. I am looking for work...and trying to deal with my reality...trying to deal with the pain and anquish of loosing my mother...the only one Ive ever known.
No body seems to beable to tell me if ANYTHING can be done...why does this feel soooooooooo wrong!?
I need help, wisdom please.

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Hi Bree. So sorry for all your heartache and troubles. I wonder what's next?

What State is she in? Who has POA? Does she have assets? Have you applied for Medicaid?

Talk to an Ombudsman, and make your complaints against the facility.

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