my husband has been diagnosed with a genetic disorder as it progesses I miss more work . I'm thinking of leaving work and taking online classes while I'm taking care of him. But I'm not sure of how to handle the finances. this health issue has already cost us our house. This is not as bad as it sound because we live with my mom and sister so I have good support, but I'm not sure of that last step.

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I'm sorry to hear about your husband's medical problems. I think your having a job is one way of taking care of yourself as well as helping with finances.

If you miss too much work, you will no longer have a job. Without a job, you will have less money to deal with the financial needs. Without a job you will have more time for your husband, but you will also become totally dependent upon your mother financial help. As tough as it is today to get a job, I would not recommend leaving one. Leaving your job might put you one day of being totally financially dependent upon you mother all alone without a job, but trapped in your mother's house without a job and possibly her treating you as a child or your feeling like she is. How long can your mother support both you and your sister in here home. What will you do to support yourself when she dies? Does your husband have medicare or qualify for Medicaid to help with his medical expenses?
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