Advice requested: how to find quality home helper for my Grandparents?

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My Grandparents, who are in their late 80s, live in Concord, MA. They are interested in finding someone to help them around the home. They do not need live-in help. They need help with driving, grocery shopping, food preparation, and house cleaning.

I really appreciate any advice! My main concern is finding a trustworthy and caring person/company who will provide the best care possible.


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Most in-home companies provide these services. You can go to on this site or Either should be able to help you find agencies in your grandparents' area. The next step is to ask the companies for references. Try to get several references from each agency, if you can.

In-home agencies, as with all businesses, have wonderful workers and some who are not, so try to keep communicating with your grandparents when they do get help. You want to know how it's going.

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Finding someone for our grandparents, although they will not be requiring care, but just some assistance with day-to-day things, we still want them to be kind and caring.

When finding care for our loved ones, we want the best there is. Good luck on your search.


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