On a lighter note, why did you choose your screen name?

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I'll start.... I am *Freqflyer* as in frequent flyer. I've had this screen name for many years and carried it over to this website when I first found it.

Years ago I was flying back and forth from Washington D.C. to Texas. Whenever I would tell someone new that I did a lot of flying, they would assume I was a *stewardess*.... hmmm, why not the *pilot*?.... so much for old fashioned stereotypes..... [sigh]. No, I didn't work for the airlines.

Since my parents became older, guess you could say I was grounded :(


Mine is not that interesting. I used the first two letters of three dogs I've had over the years.
Boni is what my family calls me, not my true first name. Chak is short for my Maiden name which has more letters than I could fit here.
When the divorce lawyer said I could have me name back I said NO!
But since I have been caring for Mom, I became Boni Chak. It makes me feel like the little girl Mom treats me like. R--- S------ is gone forever. BoniChak keeps on going and going.
Screen name?? You mean we weren't supposed to use our real names? :P
My favorite past-time since I was in kindergarten and couldn't read. But I loved to go to the library, pull out books with pictures, and made up stories on it. Once, I learned to read, I was determined to read all the books in the library when I was in elementary, middle school, high school and at the university. I wasn't choosy. I read westerns, horror, sci-fi, fantasies, romance, novels, mysteries, biographies, autobiographies, UFO, Bermuda Triangle... fiction and non-fiction. I read, read, read. And still reading. =)
Ladee, pronounced like 'laa dee' not like lady..... has been my nickname for too many years to count....My name is Linda, no one in real life calls me that... so it is strange to hear Linda....
I started out on AC using arjones... very boring. Then after a few months, thought AlisonBoBalison would be more appropriate for the site and more fun...?

"Alison, Alison, bo balison, fee fi fo falison, me mi mo malison..." :-)
I use my own given name because I am too dumb to think up anything else!
Lol, Veronica, that's hardly true but I think its a habit?

freqflyer, I liked your post. And I also do have an alternative username I selected back when getting a unique username for the mega-sites like AOL or Yahoo was an impossible task without putting some numbers at the end of your username, and I didn't want to do that. One day, it took about an hour of trying to find a username I liked with no success, and finally I asked myself "what is the one username no one would pick?" I typed in convictedfelon and it was available. I laughed my butt off and I still use convictedfelon or cnvctdfelon on a variety of gaming and social sites, but didn't think it would make much sense on AC. And no, I'm not a convicted felon, but I used to have a very irreverent and silly sense of humor. :-D
Mine goes back to an email to my twisted sisters and auntie dearest that tried to explain the situation here and how they were all accusing me of things that simply did not happen. In that email I told them that Mom and L are safe, comfortable, and well taken care of. I also told them that I was glad I'm here. Never did receive a reply.
when my ex divorced me in 01 she sent me a letter . said i was a good man but a HARD man . i promptly made truck signs to that effect -- captain hardass . i thought then that shed made this accusation because she was ill with depression and everything seemed larger than life and hostile to her . since , ive learned that her letter meant : ive been on a 6 month crank bender with the nasty neighbor b*tches and im laying around with any guy who has a fistfull of drugs .
its all good . im still difficult , shes still a loser ..

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