Ok, what is that photo next to your screen name?

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On a lighter note, for those who do have photos, just curious what is the photo? Are the people in the photos of you or your parents or your pet? Some photos I just can't figure out due to size, one looks like a apple pie :)

The photo I have with my screen name is the U.S. Capital Building in Washington D.C. since I live out in the burbs, and my hobby was politics until my parents decided my hobby should be them.


Mine is me and Momma. (I'm on the right). I had one on here for a long time, of the two of us in party hats. Someone complimented me on our matching Multicolored Mohawks, so I changed it. :)
Me and mom :)
mine is me and my g son ff junior , junior . na , it dont mean frequent flyer either . if the pic were opened up there are two more kids on the trike . im in love with the g girl but little junior junior is sure working his way into g pa's heart ..
It is me honest.
junior junior tickled me this summer . hes young and exitable . we took the trike on a two hour ride on a beautiful summer day but i wasnt carrying helmets so we sneaked to the country and i warned him firmly that we had to keep a low profile -- calm , mellow was what we wanted . junior junior sat directly behind me and never so much as batted an eye lid . lol . he was not going to have that ride shortened up for any reason . the other two kids laughed , jabbered , and carried on , not junior junior ..
I put in a new U.S. Capital building but it doesn't show up any better than the other photo I had. When this website made some changes recently the photos got distorted :(

MomsGirl12, I think it would be so cool to have an old card catalog or even one of those old inside post office mailbox sets with the little windows on the mailbox and the spin dials :)
Freqflyer, I hate to tell you this, but our little post offices here in WNY are still using those little window boxes with the brass star dial on them, installed in 1964. I'll have to check the library.
FF, I checked the library. Both books are out, including one that the Mayor has not finished coloring.
Pam, thanks for the laugh about the town library :)
junior junior ..as in twice removed yet still YOU! Love i!

Good grampa goes bad grampa with no helmet!

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