Mother refuses medical help.

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my mother was in the hospital and refused treatment. she is now in a nursing home and is not eating, drinking, or getting out of bed. she is vomiting. nothing is being done. what can i do. i have no power of attorney so i can't make any decisions for her.


I don't understand how she can be in a nursing home and NOT be getting medical help. That seems like an oxymoron to me. Who put her there? Someone had the authority to put her there in the first place right? Guess I'd start with that person first, then I'd start raising a fuss at the nursing home till someone listened to me. This doesn't make sense does it?

The doctor at the hospital suggested she go for rehabilitation and she agreed. she usually lives in assisted living
So she doesn't have a primary doctor? What does he/she say about this? Did your mother never sign anything that gives you the power to ask questions and be told answers then?
gorbe, how old is your mother? I wondered if she is not eating because she is nearing death or if she is not eating because she is upset and depressed. Please tell us a little more about her.
She is 91 years old. Has always been manipulative. The last time I went when they put her in the hospital she refused to stand so the nurse could get her on the bedside comode. She almost pulled the nurse in the floor. She was not on any medication. She signed herself out of the emergency room against medical advise. She was sent back to the nursing home. The next morning I called to check on her and she was up walking and cheerful. I do not have any kind of power of attorney. She tells the doctors that I do not matter, she mmakes her own decisions.

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