Parents keep messing up their checkbook but think they can handle it.

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I keep trying to look after it, but they will write checks that I know nothing about and they often forget the correct number, or they over pay bills, get overdrawn. My mother complains that she has 'no control' anymore, but I am getting tired of having to quickly put money into the accounts to cover the bad checks. I have POA but it is not getting through to them that they are getting careless about their accounts.


I have been through that as well with my parents and MIL. Finally had to do (not easily) take the check book away from them and explained to them that they were being charged late fees, bank fees for being overdrawen, etc. They hate to be losing money. I told them it was not their fault. Everybody gets forgetful as they and said that most children end up taking care of the banking as it is much easier for everybody.

I understand the loss of control, but they get used to it and they have to or it will become an utter mess. Hope you can convince them to let you take over or perhaps someone else could convince them. Tell them there are a lot of scammers out there and you want to protect them. Tell them anything. If they are going to be stubborn about it, tell them anything that will get through to them. Hopefully something will. Good luck ...... not easy...take care
I am going through this with my Mom now. I finally have access to pay her bills, but she still has her checkbook and writes many checks each month to scammers. I've told her over and over how this depletes her account. My next step is to (somehow) take her checkbook away. It's terribly sad.
I have taken the checkbook away four times and it still ends up in her pocketbook, so I guess this is going to be an outgoing thing.
I had to go find my MIL extra checks that were hidden her bedroom; took her checkbook while she was with me and explained I had to straighten it out for her as the bank was questioning things. It was extremely difficult to accomplish, but if you don't, it will only get worse. Thinking of you and hope you can get control. Elder services in the town can help to with any questions you have. They are full of insightful suggestions; some of which I never thought of. Blessings and take care.

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