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I live in Madison County ill. I take care of my almost completely blind friend that is on disability. I do all the house work. Take care of his three children. Prepare all meals ext. It's so demanding I can't work, can I receive a paycheck for this?


Why is your friend not compensating you? Did you volunteer to take this on?
Not in IL. that I ever knew of. Can you qualify for disability? Your friend needs to be paying you a hefty salary, anyway. What happens if something happens to you? I think you need to make other arrangements, of your friend. How old are the kids?
shebout78, you need to make arrangements for your friend to pay you a salary. Draw up a contract, state what are your duties, how many hours per day you will be working, how many days per week, what days you will have off, extra pay for weekends and holidays if you are asked to work those days, etc. You will be responsible for paying your own payroll taxes, unless your friend is willing to do that.
Guys...read the original question. Her friend is on disability, therefore, my first assumption is that he is flat busted broke. You can't pay someone a living wage out of disability and still have enough for yourself to live on, let alone three children too. Disability pays you enough to exist on a diet of beans and rice.
Wouldn't one being on disability also qualify for Medicaid? Wouldn't there be funds that could go to a Caregiver?

And what about the children? If the mother had passed on, wouldn't those children get some of her social security? If the mother is still around, shouldn't she helping with the care of said children, if they are minors, either physically or financially?
Or could they all qualify for aid like food stamps, etc? Low income houseing?
It's possible you can be paid by the state or government however,they must make the decision that she needs your assistance.This is done by her doctor and social worker first submitting an evaluation of her situation and disabilities to the state or fed's.
Generally, the state will send in their own housekeeper's, visiting nurses etc. but you can inquire; remember the rate for services will be set by them by them, not you and usually is a low wage and covers only the time they deem it takes to provide assistance.

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