What have you done for yourself lately?

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I have had a rough week but started thinking of how rarely i think about myself or do anything for myself.

The reason I started thinking about this was my sister was here last week and I noticed how put together she was. Up to date clothes, haircut, nails, pedicure, nice jewelry... as opposed to me who had gray roots showing, hair pulled back, nails and toenails just whacked off, no makeup, old worn clothes... etc.

I have always (even before my caregiving crisis) had a hard time taking care of myself and spending any money on myself. I have a theory that other caregiver type personalities are also that way.

Anyway I set up some reminders on my iphone to do at least 2 things for myself every week (most likely i will do the declutter thing every week if i can). Some on the list can range from very small to larger things. Some cost money.. but you can also do things that might boost your mood a little without spending money.. or a lot of money. I have a decent job so I can afford to splurge a little.. right now anyway.

Here is my list:
Get a Haircut
Buy flowers - plant or cut flowers
get car detailed
arrange for professional house cleaning (one time or ongoing)
declutter something (closet/drawers)
upgrade/replace an item in wardrobe
upgrade/replace a home item (kitchen/bathroom)
arrange a weekend getaway or vacation
get dental, eye checkups

This challenge will be VERY hard for me.. but I thought i would post it to help me follow through. Anyone want to join me?


I like your enthusiasm ! Every single thing on your list is on mine as well. Totally doable too. I just don't do it. Seems I'm always doing something else before I make it to the list?

Wait... I de-cluttered the fridge. Does that count?

Seriously, I do love the idea of a list and slowly checking off .... one at a time :)
I like your list. I am off Friday so I challenge you to decluttering a clostet or 2. O post back on Friday if I accomplished at least one. Let me know how you are doing too. We can spur each other on.
Thanks Jeanette.
I'm not sure how enthusiastic I am.. but I think it is something I need to focus on for sure. I do think de-cluttering the fridge counts as long as it is something that makes YOU feel good and gives you a sense of satisfaction. (I knowling seeing a clean organized fridge would make me feel good).. its all about YOU!

That sounds good.. i will get started on my bedroom closet this week and will post an update!
Great, maybe we can motive each other!
I hope ik you have success taking care of things.I know it is hard. One closet done.
katie, i think your sis is a pretentious t*at .. im a greasy , multi painted up disaster right now but thats what it takes to get the results i want ..
what have i done for me ? tightened up my neglected business equiptment for 9 months .. mom appeared to me in a dream . she said , i left you a few bucks d*ckhole , get that machinery working . get the short bus running , i like it , lol ..
she said take care of my sister , shes a fragile little thing ..
After four h*ellish years of caring for her my narc mother went into a NH eighteen months ago. The following year was a whirlwind of clearing, renovating, selling her house and moving myself. I finally put a stop to the daily screaming tantrum phone calls, was quite unwell all last winter and still recovering from it all.

Today I'll try to get the house in some sort of order (undergoing renovations), play with my dogs, do laundry, some gardening and just drink in the heavenly solitude and peace and quiet out here in the country.
I might not do much for myself BUT I make sure I get my color done every 3 weeks. My Dad was fully white at 26, so I've had roots since I was a teen.

I worked for 10+ years at the Salon I go to before I had to quit to care for Mom so I have hair maintence drilled in my head!!
One of my favorite things to do is to lie on my bed in the afternoon and watch old movies on TCM, or other programs that I have recorded. In addition, I plan to take a day trip soon, but I have not made definite plans yet.

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