Double diapering, does it work?

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When I read the incontinence threads I have seen a lot of you mention that you put two pull ups or briefs on your loved one through the night... you also often mention that the bed is still soaked in the morning. Another variation on this is using a pad inside the diapers as a booster. I tried recently a walmart brand brief and found them to be less than satisfactory so I though I would give double diapering a try last night. The results were exactly as I expected given that these products are designed to not leak through, the inner brief was wet, the bed was wet, but the outer brief was totally dry.
Anybody else have the same experience, or does this somehow work for you?


Doesn't work. After trial and errors I finally have the right combination for my husband with Alzheimer's. I use Tanquility nighttime pull ups with a super absorbent booster pad inside (also from tranquility) it works great . I get them from on the Internet chux. If you do use double briefs, you have to make a small slit in the bottom of the first one you put on so that the extra urine will go thru to the second one. Otherwise it will just spill over. Hope this helps.
A while back I did the math and came to a conservative figure of having changed 15,000 diapers over the on-going course of 23 years - up to this point in time. In my opinion a double diaper doesn't work. My experience has been the same as Lynettes - the first diaper gets soaked, the bed/furniture or clothing gets wet and the second outer diapers magicly stays dry. Pardon my bluntness - but with men I have found it to be a positioning issue, which can change, if you get my meaning. Also - at least with my 23 y/o disabled son there is the common condition upon waking that men have - again, if you get my drift. Not sure if that's as much an issue with an older man. I agree that a good quality diaper with a good quality pad inserted is about as good as it gets. The next best step is to protect your sheets/bedding and furniture with chux pads. If you have a restless sleeper its best to put the chux under the fitted sheet so they don't end up all wadded up in the bed. Yes - you'll likely have to wash the fitted sheet. Also - at least in my sons case the top sheets and blankets often got wet as well - with my only solution to be - minimize the number of top covers but ensure enough for proper warmth - and get blankets and bedspreads that are durable enough to withstand frequent washing. Sorry - wish I had a better solution for you.
OK that's two Nos and a maybe. Lynette, your comment about making a hole in the inner brief lining makes sense. Rainmom, 15,000 changes makes you the undisputed champion... sorry there isn't a trophy ;)

But if it doesn't work why do so many people keep recommending it?
I think sometimes it is a convience issue - which often will work with women and perhaps men when out and about. The first one gets wet and if you can get to it before it leaks to the clothing - you can rip off the first one and volia' - there is a dry diaper already on. In reference to Lyndttes hole poking - that makes some sense to me and probably has the best shot at working. In my experience leaks usually happen around the leg holes and having a second diaper in place won't do any good.
A double diaper or brief does not work well because the lining on the out side of the brief that is supposed to stop leaks will prevent the other brief or diaper from fully absorbing.
Liners that are intended to be placed along with the brief or diaper allow absorption of the fluid.
Also for health reasons it is not a good idea to double up because it keeps more moisture close to the skin and restricts more air flow.

Side note, not sure how it is going to work but I ordered a bed pad from Costco the brand is Conni and they also have underwear for adults. But supposedly the bed pad will absorb 86 fluid ounces.
If the pad works well I will let y'all know but the underwear might be an option over a pull-up to absorb any leaks. Would not work with a diaper type since it would be difficult to get on.
I've kind of given up on that. I don't limit my mom's liquid intake, don't need her to dehydrate and she doesn't drink enough as it is. What I do, is make her bed with a rubber sheet inside, then foam padding for her comfort, then the sheet, then a thick plastic across the area where her bottom will be, then I use a baby mattress pad across the bed, depending on the size I will place 2 or 3 bed disposable pads on the bed. She may not be dry in the morning but at least this saves having to make the bed every day. Usually the baby mattress pad will be okay for 2 nights, and on a really good night maybe 2 of the disposable pads can be used the next night.

When we go out, I will put a disposable pad inside her skirt, but sometimes this doesn't work out too good. So I am sure to always carry her bag with extra skirts, underwear, and disposable pads to protect seats. Good luck!
we have found good results with Northshore's Flex Supreme diapers and their boosters. The boosters absorb first and then release into the diaper. Putting two layers that each have a plastic barrier does not double the coverage.
When my kids were small we used to double/triple make the bed/crib - we would put on fitted sheet then a waterproof pad then an absorborant layer[sp?], then a sheet then repeat - if you need to change sheets in middle of night just whip off top layers & quick clothes change then put them back to bed before they truly wake up - better than remaking a bed at 3:00
Note on my comment from a few days ago. I got the bed pad that I ordered. Amazing...It does do a good job keeping the bottom sheet and mattress dry. Sorry I did not know about this 5 years ago!!!!
Again the product is by conni. Called "Mate bed pad"
I ordered the product from costco it was less expensive than other places I saw it.
I do hope this helps some of you
Double diapering is not effective. You need to purchase a more absorbent diaper such as a Molicare Maxi Slip, a Tranquility EliteCare or an Abri-Form. These are all the super absorbent tabbed style diapers. If you would rather use a pad inside the undergarment you're already using, it has to be a booster pad that's made to flow through to the garment underneath. If you use a Poise pad or some other pad that has a plastic backing, the pad fills up, explodes, and then the fluid flows out the sides of the pad, out the leg openings and gets everything wet.

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