Mom was diagnosed with Advanced Stage Lung Cancer and Alzheimer's all within the past two months...

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Lung Cancer diagnosis is just based on CT scans - we didn't want to put her through all the testing (needle biopsy or brochioscope), but they think it spread from somewhere else in her body - but no definitive diagnosis because we chose not to do the advanced testing. She is bedridden and we are caring for her at home... Now the visiting nurses said to watch her breathing as it getting more rapid. She sleeps alot, but now I feel like I should stay in the chair in her room at night so she won't be alone. Am I imagining the worse to soon????


Possibly you aren't imagining the worst. Lung cancer is a terrible killer. Some people are diagnosed just months before they pass. My friend's husband was 50 when he was diagnosed with late stage. He died within 6 months despite chemo treatments and small procedures. My friend had someone with her husband 24 hours a day for the 2 months preceding his death. She had been told of people who died within 30 days of their diagnosis. Take care of yourself, allow someone to help you with your vigil.
Have you considered bringing hospice in? It will give you another set of eyes and some relief with the care giving. They may bring in a concentrator to provide oxygen. This will make breathing easier for her. This may make you feel more comfortable getting some sleep yourself.

Hospice will also provide a social worker and spiritual counselor to help you and your family through this difficult time. We are thinking of you.
Thanks for the comments - made it through the night and had a good day yesterday, but today is another rough one. Discussed Hospice with my brother, will speak to my sister - have heard some wonderful things about them. Was blown away by the diagnosis as she never smoked - but my Dad did for over 20 years until he quit cold turkey. I forgot all about it until one of my friends mentioned second hand smoke... my Dad didn't die of lung cancer, he suffered a brain embulism and was gone within 12 hours, life is so ironic sometimes.
My sympathies go out to you. My Dad died of lung cancer 5 weeks after diagnosis. It was brutal and swift, which was devastating to watch happen so quickly. From our view, that also became a blessing for him and for us, as the result was going to be the same either way. As geewiz mentioned and as you mentioned that you're thinking about it, hospice is wonderful at a time like can get valued time to be with her without some of the minute to minute stress.

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