My dad passed on Friday July 26, 2013.

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Pop finally finished his course. He battled so many health problems but in the end his kidneys went into acute renal failure due to unknown infection. Secondary, heart failure.

The Lord gave me incredible peace that He was going to take him because 2 weeks ago on Saturday evening I was crying......very emotional, and suddenly Psalm 23 came to my mind and I wasn't even thinking about it......."Yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, thou art with me. Thy rod and staff comfort me". So I knew right then and there that God was going to take him soon.

I am so grateful to God that He gave me His peace. But I will miss my dad and his intelligence and wit and especially his sense of humor. Through the years he taped so many documentaries from the history channel and discovery channel and ordered so many war movies, nature flicks, travel videos and other documentaries so as I watch all these programs, which I have now, I will always think of him.

Even his large scale WW II airplanes I have hung from my ceiling. I did keep a hat of his and a fleece jacket as a memory for me as well.

He was incredibly feisty up until the end. I went to see him on Tuesday and he was watching Patton, one of his favorite movies. When I got him up in his chair, he starting throwing stuff behind it........his usual self!

Death is part of life and for us, a more joyous occasion because living in the flesh can be a real drag sometimes.

Thanks for all of you who offered support and encouragement and hugs. All of us need that as motivation in this life.



Cindy, I am so sorry. Your father sounds like an incredible man. He fought the good battle up until the end. I love reading about a life well lived. I wish that death was not a part of life, but I know that there is something beyond. I have a feeling that we will see the people we loved again one day. Take care of yourself, Cindy, and rest well. You have earned peace.
May God continue to give you His peace and His perspective about your father's passing and the fragility of this life as we prepare for eternity. John 3:16
Hearing you speak of your dad somewhat reminds me of my own dad. WWII vet, my dad doesn't have the planes hanging but his room has pictures of the planes all over. cherish those memories and celebrate the life he had. Now it is time to focus on you, now is time to find peace in your own life! Thoughts and prayers to you.
Thank you all for your thoughtful words. One day my journey will be over but I would like it to end in the wide open spaces of Alaska!

Have a blessed day everyone,
I am sorry for your loss. It sounds like you have had an incredible teacher. I pray for God's grace and comfort for your family at this time.

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