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Mom is wanting to go to Charleston, where we used to live, to visit. While I would love to take her, the summer is NOT the time as today the heat index is 104! Mom had some of the best years of her life when we lived in South Carolina. What he said struck a chord with me...he said he wondered if Mom was wanting to go to Charleston as a "last trip" and then she would be able to "go home". Other than Parkinson's, and early signs of dementia, she is in pretty good physical health (heart, lungs, etc all check out fine). I do realize that when you are ready to go, and give up, then it just happens.

I plan on trying to find some time in a few months when the weather is better and try to take her. It will be an interesting trip to say the least!


I urge you to take the trip! You will always be proud you did that with her no matter what. As for it being a harbinger of something else? I say, "Who knows?"

Plan it well. For your mom...the planning will be at LEAST as much fun as the trip.
If Mom has the beginnings of Parkinson's Disease with Dementia (PDD) then this may be the last trip she can take down that particular memory lane. Or she may have several more good traveling years. There is no way to predict reliably. Spend the summer months planning it with her, take TONS of pictures and get them into some kind of paper or electronic scrapbook.

In the years by husband had dementia, looking forward to the trip and looking at the pictures to relive it were every bit as meaningful to him as actually taking the trip!
@jeannegibbs: what an honor it is to finally find you!! I hope no one will mind me posting on this thread, it's the first that I recognized one of the KAW!!! I have spent the last week reading your journey with Survivor2(Lisa). I hope this finds you doing well and let me say you are one amazing lady as well as the rest of the KAW. Your Coy is a very blessed man as you were for having him. I could feel your love for him in every post. Your journey was heartbreaking, heartwarming and back. You had me laughing historically and then crying my eyes out. I so wish I had such beautiful women like you all around me to learn and grow from. I would love to know how you all are doing and how Survivor2(Lisa) mom made out after the surgery. Also how the entire Ford family is fairing, they truly are a family of love and devotion to each other. I want to thank you again for sharing your journey and if you are still in contact with the KAW please let them know that you all are still touching hearts and educating. Best wishes to you all!!! I hope the last year plus has been free of "sh-tstorms" and I will for the rest of my days think of you ladies when ever I see a can of tuna!!!
@savingranny: I want to apologize for jumping on your thread. I hope you take the advice the jeannegibbs!! Wishing you the best with your mom and a great trip even if it's just out of a photo album.
Take the trip and enjoy what you can! My Mom and Aunt both lost thier hubs this past year, and they wanted to go to Ireland one last time (84 and 80) . So My aunt and her 2 daughters, and my hubs and daughter and I did it a few weeks ago. We had lots of help with all us kids, and we took a busy but easy bus tour.. and we all really enjoyed it ( some of it when we got home,,LOL) Now I am working on a photo album ( boy does this get costly!!) for them so they can sit and remember all the stuff we did. Hectic yes.. worrisome at times.. but all in all so worth it for all of us.
Long trips are really hard on the elderly. As long as you are within 100 miles of Charleston, fine. If you are talking about flying, don't.
we had more trouble with ME on the flight than the elders..LOL It just depends on the person

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