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There is a building in Las Vegas which is home to the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Brain Center. It was designed by the world famous architect Frank Gehry. I had seen pictures of it but the first time I drove up to it and saw it in person, I was shocked and it took my breath away. The building looks something like I picture the caving in of a brain with dementia. Google it for an image. What does this design do to you?


OMG! It is disturbing to me. I am trying to see it as fluid and moving and developing, but it does seem more like it is disintegrating to me.
i love it. the building itself says " forget everything you thought you knew when you walk thru these doors " . i did not think the usa capable of such living, functioning art.. i think it raises the bar for future worldwide architecture..
glad you shared it vegaslady..
When I first saw it, I thought it was fascinating. Unique. But as I stared at it, I could not vision it as a brain. It looks like the building is melting. Like it was standing erect, and under the hot sun, it's tilting as it melts. Unique but not something I want to live near. I read just a few comments about it. A lot like captain's and Jeanne's.

"I try very hard to keep an open mind when it comes to art, music and architecture. What one person thinks is brilliant is boring to another. Yet looking at this building makes me feel uncomfortable. Perhaps this is due to my father who is dying slowly from alzheimers. I do like many of FOG's other designs, just not this one."

Quote from wikipedia:
Kunstler suggested that the architecture was inappropriate for the building's purpose: "If I had a problem with my brain, I would not be reassured arriving at this place. The implicit sadism is impressive".
yea, book. i see your view. i guess i was thinking of the people who studied and practiced there. it would be a sobering reminder of the ever changing challenge they were tasked with. maybe a demented person sees the building as perfectly normal and everything around it as distorted. dementia is almost that crazy..
either way, i like it . its an outrage..
I think it is "a sobering reminder". It has helped me feel more empathetic to people with brain problems. They do a good job there, free weekly "Lunch and Learn" sessions by professionals, free group support groups, library, clinical trials, diagnosis and treatment etc. Also, especially since it is in Vegas, a lot of celebrities stop by, like Muhammed Ali, and that helps generate publicity and awareness, and fundraising, for brain disease research. There are volunteers who escort everyone coming into the medical building to their destination, to meetings or treatment so the confused or physically impaired person has someone to assist him. It's a good place, but I still find it disturbing on the outside.
I usually like futuristic architecture, but that is ugly.
It reminds me of ground zero on 9/12. All I can say is "The Emperor is Naked"
I also thought right away on ground zero. If I did not have a brain defect, I do now.
Confusing and chaotic as we look at it from the outside. Orderly and a positive force from the inside. Poetic. I saw an online tour
Pix of the inside look nice. Its pretty wild but it has some ecological features and overall its probably pretty functional. I think I would like working there. Something different instead of just four symmetrical walls seems intriguing to me...maybe my office would seem more like a nest or a cave than a box :-)

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