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We told our sister and brother in law they were not permitted on our premises any longer as they have been harrassing our family, accusing uf of theft and causing emotional harm to my mom who lives with us. My brother in law tried to force his way into our home last week and my husband shoved him back out the door. He tried to force his way in again and my husband shoved him again. He bounced off the wall of the porch and fell backwards down the steps. He stayed for 10 more minutes trying to get back into house when a neighbor called the police. He now is filing simple assault and harrassment charges against my husband. My mother told the police officer he tried to force his way in and we told the officer that as well but he did not add that information to the police report. Our neighbor also witnessed the brother in law trying to come back up the steps several times. Can we file defiant tresspassing charges and does anyone know if we can get one restraining order for all of us in the house for does my mom have to get her own. My sister also went to my mother's boss and told her all about our family issues. Isn't that considered harrassment as well with grounds for restraining order?


OMG, Barb. This is too much. Get good legal advice. Try to stay calm and clear-headed. Good hubby is protecting you and Mom, but don't want him to get hurt or in trouble. I would think you have every right to keep people out of your home, but again, where is your attorney in all this? Don't wait for something bad to happen. BE PRO-ACTIVE!!! CIAO, christina
Hi Christina,
I don't know what to do. I have asked my uncle to take over temporary POA for my mom. I am waiting for police cheif and lawyer to call me back. I am so afraid something will happen to my mom while I'm trying to get this all in order. I am so sick to my stomach over this and don't know how much more I can honestly take. My husband was inside the door and my mom was a witness to all of it..
Hang in there, Barb. You don't want your Mom to be more upset because you are. Uncle sounds like a good move. I'll bet your bol is in a little trouble; what in the world is his motivation? The authorities deal with this all the time. They will know who is in the right, vice versa. I'll keep you all in my prayers:) HUGS, christina
WOW!!!! Is the actions that your sister and her husband are taking due to your Mom's care or her money??? What is the motivation behind all this behavior??? Bottom line who ever is caring for Mom should have the power to act in her behalf for her finances and health needs if you and your husband are doing so and that is what Mom wants get the legal papers you need to do so. Talk to a lawyer and have Mom request her wants and needs and record everything. If your sister and her husband want control so badly tell them to ask Mom what she wants or maybe suggest that they care for her in thier home instead. Has Mom seen a Doctor? Are you taking care of her so HER quality of life is priority over anyone elses needs??? The entire issue is Mom it seems to me your sister has lost sight of the real issue.
Mom has seen a doctor. He has not declared her incompetent even though her memory lapses more often now. She still works 3 days a week so she cannot be incompetent if she works. Her brother is going to help her now which leaves me out of the loop for awhile. My mother in no way, shape or form wants to live with my sister or her family at all. She is happy here and she said this is where my dad wanted her to be because he knew she would be taken care of unconditionally and she is. She is getting very fragile over this whole issue and we have to not tell her what's going on so she can relax and rest. What a shame that greed turns people into evil villans. I know god will guide us the right way. He always does.

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