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I am a single mom of 4 and my mom who recently lost her husband, is living with us. My mom is only 62 and is a breast cancer survivor of 18 years. She just recently got diagnosed with oral cancer and is getting tested for bladder cancer as well. I am scared that they are going to find it has metasticiszed, as she hasnt been feeling well at all. What my fear is, other than the obvious one of her failing health, is that I am an only child, and with her husband being gone, I am only caregiver. How do I provide care for her if she needs it and still be able to work full time, and if I stay home, is there aid somewhere to help pay the bills? She will get disability, but I wont. I feel like I am rambling, and it may never come to this, but I am trying to line things up so I am not flailing around if the help is needed. Thanks so much!

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