Funeral Planning

  • Take the Guesswork out of Funeral Arrangements

    Frank discussions about final arrangements are wise to have at any age. Use these strategies to broach the subject and develop comprehensive funeral plans for yourself and your aging loved ones.

  • 5 Essential Differences Between a Burial and a Cremation Service

    Whether you are pre-planning your own final arrangements or you’re responsible for organizing someone else’s funeral or memorial service, there is one fundamental choice that will affect costs, timing and many other details: cremation or burial?

  • 5 Steps to Take When Comparing Funeral Service Providers

    Comparison shopping for funeral providers can be tricky. It's important to make sure that the provider you choose can offer the quality and services you want at an affordable price.

  • How to Turn a Funeral into a True Celebration of Life

    Funerals are evolving from somber services into celebrations of a person's enduring legacy and a life well-lived. Here are a few ideas for planning a personalized funeral for yourself or your elderly loved one.

  • 10 Important Facts About VA Burial Benefits

    U.S. veterans are entitled to burial benefits that can help their surviving family members defray funeral costs. Learn how the VA can help give veterans the memorial services they deserve.

  • How to Write a Eulogy

    Being selected to deliver a loved one's memorial blessing is a huge honor and a huge responsibility. Here are some guidelines for writing a eulogy.

  • Find Care & Housing
  • Funeral Planning Checklist

    Planning a funeral involves making decisions about a loved one’s legacy while under considerable emotional stress. Understanding what must be taken care of and making arrangements in advance can expedite the process and minimize costs.

  • How to Prepare a Letter of Instruction for End-of-Life Wishes

    A letter of instruction acts as a comprehensive guide to end-of-life matters for surviving family members. Learn what kinds of personal, financial and funeral planning information to include in this document and how often it should be updated.

  • A Prepaid Funeral Plan Should Be Part of Your Medicaid Spend-Down

    Money paid for advance funeral planning can be an exempt expense under Medicaid rules. Learn more about how preplanning a funeral can help you qualify for Medicaid.

  • Cremation Cost: 4 Factors That Affect Price

    Cremation cost can vary depending on 4 main factors that affect price. Learn more about these factors and how to avoid the “low-cost” cremation myth.

  • Grief & Bereavement Top Tips: Ways to Honor a Loved One’s Memory

    The forum is filled with people coming together to share valuable information. We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ best ideas for honoring a loved one’s memory.

  • Funeral Pre-Planning for Veterans

    The VA Burial Benefits program helps veterans and their families to engage in more extensive funeral pre-planning, which better ensures veterans’ wishes are fulfilled and eases the burden on surviving loved ones.

  • Brain Donors Give the Gift of Hope

    Donated brain tissue is a scarce, but valuable resource for doctors and researchers who are trying to devise preventative measures and treatments for diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other neurological conditions.

  • Advance Funeral Planning Makes Financial Sense

    Preplanning funeral arrangements can alleviate emotional and financial burdens for aging adults and their families. Learn how preneed arrangements can save money and ensure your wishes are respected.

  • 10 Things to Know About Preplanning a Funeral or Cremation Service

    Preplanning a funeral is something that aging adults often consider, and it offers many benefits to the entire family. Keep these important points in mind when it comes to making final arrangements in advance.

  • Top 7 Myths of Advance Funeral Planning

    Pre-need funeral arrangements have become a natural continuation of preparing a will and estate plan. Debunk common misconceptions surrounding preplanning and see how the benefits extend to the entire family.

  • Personalizing a Funeral by Planning in Advance

    No one really wants to spend time thinking about their own funeral, but planning it in advance will minimize the burden on surviving loved ones and enable you to add unique, personal touches to your memorial service.

  • Planning a Funeral in Advance Can Ease a Family's Grief

    Pre-planning can help surviving loved ones make confident decisions regarding final arrangements and reduce the number of difficulties that traditionally confront families following a loss.

  • Funeral Planning Pointers

    For caregivers, planning a funeral for a recently deceased loved one can be emotional, complicated and costly. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the tricky world of funeral preparations.

  • The Legacy Conversation: Talking About Funeral Arrangements

    Talking to parents about funeral planning in advance is one of the many less-than-pleasant tasks a caregiver must take on. Funeral planning is never easy, but talking about funeral arrangements now can put everyone involved will be in a more comfortable position later.

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