Broken Hip Articles -

Broken Hip Articles

As we age, we often develop new health conditions, begin taking more medications and lose muscle mass. These factors can all increase a senior’s risk of falling, but a few simple exercises can help prevent accidents by improving strength and coordination.

While a trip or tumble may be a minor inconvenience for younger people, falls can cause significant, or even fatal, injuries for elderly individuals.

Elderly women who break a hip may be five times more likely to die. The study indicated that women who break their hip have an increased risk of short-term death.

Broken hips or hip injuries in the elderly can be very painful and problematic. Physical therapy for rehabilitation and recovery might be necessary.

Falling is the leading cause of hospital admission and injury for seniors. Learn how falls can be prevented through simple home modifications, regular medical check-ups and lifestyle changes.

Alcoholism is often overlooked in the elderly. Failing to recognize when an aging loved one has a drinking problem can lead to severe health issues and can even endanger others’ well-being.