Broken Hip in Older Adults Articles

  • Breaking a Hip Elevates Risk of Death in Elderly Women

    Older women who break a hip maybe five times more likely to die within a year than their healthy-hipped peers. The risk lies in the forced immobility caused by a hip fracture.

  • Do All Seniors Need Rehabilitation After a Hip Injury?

    A broken hip, hip injury or hip replacement in the elderly can be very painful and problematic. Both occupational therapy and physical therapy services will likely be necessary to reduce pain, maximize mobility and improve quality of life.

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  • Questions and Answers About Hip Replacement Surgery and Recovery

    Frequently asked questions about hip replacement, also known as arthroplasty. Learn what caregivers can expect; Who should have hip replacement? How long is hospitalization? What about recovery time?

  • Hip Replacement: How to Prepare and What to Expect

    Hip replacement surgery can cause a lot of anxiety for both the person having the hip replaced and his or her caregiver. Learn what hip replacement surgery involves and what you can do to aid in recovery and rehabilitation.

  • The Right Rehab Program Dramatically Increases Mobility after Joint Replacement

    Seniors who undergo an intensive rehabilitation following knee or hip replacement surgery may experience a three-fold increase in their mobility.

  • 4 Balance-Enhancing Exercises Seniors Can Do at Home

    As we age, we often develop new health conditions, begin taking more medications and lose muscle mass. These factors can all increase a senior’s risk of falling, but a few simple exercises can help prevent accidents by improving strength and coordination.

  • Why Are Falls So Dangerous for Seniors?

    While a trip or tumble may be a minor inconvenience for younger people, falls can cause significant, or even fatal, injuries for elderly individuals.

  • How to Prevent a Senior from Falling

    Falling is the leading cause of hospital admission and injury for seniors. Learn how falls can be prevented through simple home modifications, regular medical check-ups and lifestyle changes.

  • The Hazards of Alcohol Use and Abuse Among Seniors

    Alcoholism is often overlooked in the elderly. Failing to recognize when an aging loved one has a drinking problem can lead to severe health issues and can even endanger others’ well-being.

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