Perfect example, I said to my mom the other day “I wonder how my Godfather was doing.” Ten mins. later she says to me “I wonder how your Godfather is doing.”

This happens seems as though my thoughts she thinks are her thoughts.

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First and foremost, thank you all
so much for responding to my question.
My mom is 92 years of age and has not been diagnosed with dementia via her pcp, however, I feel she does have it as a result of her actions as I’ve said.
In turn, I have scheduled an appt. with her pcp and will be addressing my concerns.
In addition, I purchased a puzzle and will be viewing how she does with it.
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lilhelp Dec 2019
You're welcome.  Thank you for more details about mom and your plans.  Great you're taking her to dr & to address your concerns!  Drs miss signs, too; possibly because the person who has early dementia symptoms is unable to report any decline due to their condition.  Please keep us updated.   
May be signs of dementia.  There may be other things going on that you haven't thought too much of, but are possible early signs of dementia.  There could also be things going on that you're unaware of. 

She may need to be checked by a good dr., and you go with her into the dr's office to convey your observations to dr.  If needed, you can do this behind mom's back by writing a note to slip to dr to discuss with you privately away from her, and any possible medication side effects or further testing for dementia, etc.  Note: this is a good time to get mom to fill out and sign necessary paper/s at drs to make sure you're authorized to speak to all of them regarding her care and medications.

I agree with Grandma1954, does no good to correct this type behavior.  You'll wind up going round and round with her, and still no sense be made of it.  Just go with it like it's a new subject she thought of; less stress for both of you.  And you can always say, 'I was just wondering that, too.'
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If your mom has dementia it may be taking that long for her to process the question and begin to formulate a response.
When she does this just ask..." I don't know what do you think?" or some other appropriate response.
No use trying to correct this or telling her she is just repeating what you have said previously as she probably does not remember what you said.
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More info would be helpful as we can't "diagnose" your mom's behavior. How old is she? Has she ever been diagnosed by a doctor with dementia or any other neurological issue?
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